david loti

When David Loti is on a break from fronting a humor-core band bantering about penguins and robots or leading a progressive rock trio exploring existential Weltschmerz, he brings his decades of musical experience and energy to his ongoing eponymous solo project. Retaining his characteristic concoction of engaging and explosive stage presence, surprise, humor, self-depreciation, self-doubt, and thoughtfulness, David Loti further diversifies his repertoire with acoustic guitar, ukulele, meditative looping, and even simultaneous drums and keyboard. He swims in the rhythmic waves of the singer-songwriter waters before running onto the summer beach for a midnight electronic rave bonfire and then amongst the diminuendo of starlight supplies the soundtrack to a hope-filled sunrise. Commanding a stage and captivating an audience, David Loti is sometimes alone, and sometimes with his network of first-rate musicians. Regardless, you have to experience David Loti to believe it, and it is always a treat. Or, as Mr. Self-deprecator without a doubt would add to the preceding platitudinous bombast, well . . . almost always.

TL;DR: David Loti doesn't suck. Definitely check him out; you'll be glad you did.